Welcome To Jon B Snow Music

This is your place to find my latest concert photos, my current music projects and learn about my fellow music artists performing in and around Pittsburgh, PA (USA) area.

No, I’m not THAT Jon Snow, but you may find me carrying a straight sword when I’m headed out to practice martial arts. Back in February 2015, I got the itch to start playing in a band again and found my way to an audition for Egomyth.  No longer with Egomyth, I’m currently working on a new project and hope to be back playing for the Pittsburgh crowds soon.

Some of my favorite projects from the past span multiple decades and stretch back to the 80’s including Victim Of Sounds, My Neighbors, 3D Man, Egomyth and Umbrella 3.  My musical tastes and influences are quite diverse.  It would probably be a shorter list to mention what I don’t like.  I’m just a huge fan of music.  One of my favorite drummers is Stanton Moore. If you aren’t familiar with him or the whole New Orleans Funk sound, you should promptly head to youtube and check it out.

You can find me online at:

facebook: jonbsnowmusic

instagram: @jonbsnowmusic

twitter: @jonbsnowmusic

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